Medical Education

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Boushehri E, Khamseh ME, Farshchi A, Aghili R, Malek M, Ebrahim valojerdi A. Effect of Morning Report Case Presentation on Length of stay and Hospitalisation Costs. Medical Education 2013; 47:711-716.

Aghili R, Khamseh ME, Taghavinia M, Malek M, Emami Z, Baradaran HR, Khabaz Mafinejad M. Virtual Patient Simulation: Promotion of Clinical Reasoning Abilities of Medical Students. Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal, 2013; 4(4): 518-527.

Khamseh ME, Aghili R, Emami Z, Malek, Mafinezhad MK, Taghavinia M, Baradaran HR. Study guides improves self-learning skills in clinical endocrinology. Med Teach, 2012; 34(4):337-8.

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