Current Research

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  • Mapping the Scientific Production in Pituitary Diseases in 1990-2014
  • Thiamine status in individuals with pre - diabetic hyperglycemia
  • Comparison and investigating the pattern of programmed cell death (apoptosis and necrosis) in tissue samples of different pituitary adenomas
  • The effects of maternal hypothyroidism on the intelligent quotient(IQ) of the offspring 3-4 years old age in Akbarabadi hospital in1389-1393
  • Evaluation of the association between physician visit frequency on the glycemic control (HbA1C) among patients with type2 diabetes attending in Institute of endocrine and metabolism clinic between 1389-1393
  • The relationship between RLS with,QOL,quality of sleep in thype 2 DM
  • The association between prevalence of diabetes and air pollution in Iran
  • The survey of pregnancy outcomes and related factors of gestational diabetes in ART and spontaneous conceived pregnancies , compared with control group
  • Prevalnce of complications of diabetes ( type 1 and 2 ) in Iran ( 1984-2014)
  • Problems caused by diabetese in elderly diabetic patient who attended in diabetes clinic, Aradabil Imam Khomeini Hospital, 2014
  • The comparison of umbilical coiling index, Sonographic findings (Gray scale sonography) and pathologic findings (cord and placenta) between gestational diabetic and normal pregnant women and correlation assessment by adverse prenatal outcomes
  • Assessing the effect of psychosocial factors and individual indicators on status of metabolic control in subjects with Type 2 diabetes
  • A 2013-2014 survey of clinical practice patterns among general practitioners and internists in the management of diabetes mellitus according to ADA guideline
  • Evaluation of Endocrine disorders in patient with BetaThalasemia major referred to Adult Thalassemia Clinic Zafar
  • Ddeliberation of calorie distribution and diet in type 2 diabetic patient and its relationship with metabolic state
  • Evaluation the incidence of diabetes mellitus associated with stress hyperglycemia in paitients with acute myocardial infarction, stroke and trauma, admitted in emergency department of firoozgar hospital
  • To assess the effects of herbalmedicine for type 1 diabetes mellitus
  • Evaluating the frequency of thyroid dysfunction in patients with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) in 2 groups of receiving interferon and control group
  • Evaluation of correlation between circulating insulin like grotwh factor-1 and severity and progression in ischemic stroke patients
  • Bone mineral density in boys with constiyutional delay of growth and puberty
  • Survey on current clinical practice of endocrinologists in relation to diagnosis & management of cushing syndrome
  • Survey on current clinical practice of general practitioners and internists in relation to diagnosis and management of diabetes
  • The predictive ability of Doppler ultrasounds for detection of placental abnormalities in gestational diabetes
  • Description analysis of a 10 years experience with pituitary surgery outcomes in patients with pituitary tumors
  • Electronic patient records system for patients with pituitary adenomas.
  • The impact of individual, social, and environmental factors on metabolic outcomes of people with type 2 diabetes
  • Study of clinical and nonclinical predictive factors associated with glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes in real clinical practice



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