Undergraduate Training

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Undergraduate Training  

IEM contributes to the undergraduate medical education program by:

Formal teaching of the pathophysiology of endocrine and metabolic disorders in collaboration with the faculty of medicine

Teaching physical examination skills and physical diagnosis to the medical students

Giving lectures, seminars or workshops on common endocrine and metabolic disorders

Coordinating and supervising a three-week inpatient and ambulatory rotation for the medical students

The institute is responsible for organizing and implementing of undergraduate medical education of the year four medical student and the year six medical clerkship.

The program constitutes a clinical rotation at firoozgar general hospital for inpatient training as well as training of ambulatory care at IEM clinics that covers the full spectrum of endocrine disorders.

During a three-week rotation, twice weekly didactic core lectures on common endocrine disorders is organized and given by our fellow residents (two times per week).

The students are also involved in weekly departmental grand round and journal clubs.

Director of undergraduate program: Dr. Fatemeh Golgiree


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